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There's something special about tile flooring

Tile flooring has always been a highly sought-after floor covering, as homeowners love the variety of benefits available in the material. It's a perfect match for any décor scheme, offers excellent water resistance, and has a superior lifespan that can reach and exceed 50 years. There's no reason to browse a different material line for each room when you can have everything you want and need in a single floor covering. But let's find out more.

Introducing Revo Tile

If you've never had the opportunity to consider Revo Tile, you might be surprised to find it a perfect fit. Available in the most realistic replications of stone and wood flooring, these porcelain products are ideal in any space. They never have to be acclimated, they require no mortar, and there's no messy installation process that can take days to complete. With a revolutionary feature known as ClicFit Technology, these porcelain tiles click together and then lock into place, giving you a true floating floor. They can be installed and grouted on the same day, and no return trips are necessary. What's more, if they become damaged, they're easy to remove, saving time and money in the end.
These floors can be installed over many different surfaces without much preparation or restructuring, perfect for many remodeling projects. If you have second-story rooms that need flooring, these are great options, as the sound transmission between floors is significantly reduced. If you decide in the future that you want a different floor covering, you'll be happy to know that these materials can be torn out to update to your new flooring choice. For even more great information about the revolutionary material, be sure to contact us today.

We can bring tile floors to your doorstep

At CL Floors, you'll find our shop at home flooring experience to be highly favorable. You'll get the same great inventory options and services, but with absolutely no hassle, such is as often found in a physical showroom location. For the communities of Burnsville, MN, Lakeville, MN, St Paul, MN, Minneapolis, MN, Eagan, MN, Faribault, MN, and Savage, MN, you pick the flooring and the options, and our mobile showroom will bring them directly to your door.

Once we promptly arrive, you'll get to see these tile floors in place, under your lighting and against your décor and colors. It's a great way to be sure of your purchase. When you're ready to try Revo Tile in your home, be sure to give us a call.